Tips on Ordering Pho Your Way

Pho is very delicious, which is why it is not surprising that this one of the most popular dishes in the Vietnamese menu. There are two types of Pho, the Pho Bo and Pho Ga. Pho Bo is beef Pho while Pho Ga is Chicken Pho. You must know which you like and how you prefer it. When you go to a restaurant and plan to order Pho in Singapore, the server will appreciate it if you are able to think fast with what you want to order. At the beginning, you might not really know yet how you want your Pho served. Don’t worry because you can ask your server for suggestions or try things out first, then you will learn how you want it as you keep coming back ordering Pho. Here are some tips on how to order Pho your way:

Looking at the Pho Menu

You might be overwhelmed when you see the different kinds of Pho that they serve in the restaurant. Here are the varieties that you should look into:

  • The first that you will see is a variety of Pho Bo where there are combinations of what you want in your Pho. It varies as the size of Pho bowl becomes bigger.
  • You have to choose between a variety of beef cuts you want in your Pho. If you don’t want any, you can just tell the server and they will serve you Pho with no meat.
  • Then look into the Pho Ga. This is an option for people who don’t want to eat red meat, but you can still opt to not have any meat at all.
  • If you are looking for a vegetarian Pho, Pho Cha is for you. Some restaurants cook Pho Cha separately, using different utensils as well in the preparation.

Deciding Which Pho

Deciding which Pho is best for you can be quite difficult since they all taste really great. In simple terms, if you want beef, then get the Pho Bo. If you want chicken, get the Pho Ga. If you want both, then get them both or order both types and share it with your family and friends.

Deciding The Size Of Pho

You can order different bowl sizes of pho in Singapore. It can come with a regular and large size bowl. If you think you are hungry or you just really want it, then order a large size. Children don’t eat much so, you can share the large size with them if you have kids with you. The regular size is mostly ordered by women. Though in some restaurants, they really have big servings that even a regular size can be more than enough for one person.

How To Order Your Pho Ga

You can have two choices in ordering your Chicken Pho. If you want the white chicken meat to be added in your bowl together with the soup, that can be possible. You also can order white or dark chicken on the side. They will not include the chicken in your bowl of Pho Ga. Instead, they will put it on the side served with fish sauce and ginger for dipping.

How To Order Your Pho Bo

Ordering your Pho Bo is simple when you already know what type of meat you want. If you want the beef to be raw, you can have the Bo Tai. If you want the meat to be really cooked, you can have the Bo Chin. Gau for the fatty brisket, sach for the tripe, ve don for the crunch flank, bovien for beef meat balls and nam for the flank.

Options On Your Pho

You can also choose which broth you want on your Pho. There are several types of broth that can be just right for your pallet. We have the NuocTrong, which is the oneusually served since it’s a non fat broth.  If you want your soup to be a little fatty, you can have the NuocBeo. You can have a side dish of steamed bean sprout as well. If you don’t like cilantro or onions, you can ask them not to include any.

Once you already know what you want, it will be easy for you to order and be satisfied with your Pho. For some people who don’t really know how to order their Pho, one regular bowl is enough, then you can play with your options the next time.