How Do You Know if Your Hog Roast Is Cooked Properly?

If you have hired a hog roast machine from then you will most certainly be excited about cooking your pig. The main thing that you need to remember when cooking your pig is that you need to make sure that it is cooked properly. If it is not cooked properly then you run the risk of serving undercooked meat and this is something that you will want to avoid. The best way for you to make sure that your meat is cooked is to make sure that it is over 75 degrees. You can do this by having a meat thermometer to hand but you might want to get one that is bigger than your average thermometer.


The main reason for this is because if the thermometer can’t go all the way into the middle of the meat then you might never know if it is cooked properly or not. When this has been done, you might also want to stick a knife into the top and sides of the pig. If the knife goes in with ease and comes out without any pulling then this is also a sign that the meat is cooked. When you do pull the knife out, try and check it for any meat juices. If the juices run clear then it is cooked but if the juices are milky coloured or any colour other than clear then you may want to leave it in for a little bit longer.

So as you can see, there are plenty of ways you can see if your meat is cooked properly and your hog roast provider will most likely help you with this as well so give them a call today to find out how they could help you.