Getting the Perfect Bay Area Caterer For Your Wedding

Weddings are a time of celebration and is normally when couples put forth their best foot in hopes of making the night of their nuptials memorable for their friends and family. The food served and the accompanying drinks often becomes on of the primary focus points of the reception causing some stress on brides and grooms to pick an impressive caterer. This article will show you to navigate the crowded waters of bay area wedding catering so that you can come up with the perfect match for your big day.


The first thing that you and your groom need to decide on is your budget and what your expectations are from any caterer that you hire. Discuss the things that are important to both you and what you will not compromise on in regards to food. Another thing to consider is the type of menu that you would like to prepare. Are you looking for a full five course gourmet meal or just having simple desserts and appetizers? Remember this is your wedding, so if you want something more simplistic but you are being pressured by family to go for an elaborate spread, choose the option that you and your groom want.  All these factors need to be established before you browse so you can stick to you can closely to your budget. If you go searching for a wedding caterer without considering what it is that you are looking for, you are likely to spend far more and pay for more services than if you went into choosing a caterer with a game plan. Also consider if you want to serve alcohol at your event, which will require that the caterer you pick will need to also provide bar service.

Many venues require that you choose their caterer or from a list of approved caterers. Before you base your booking decision simply on the look of the venue, ask to simple some of the food from the catering staff when you tour the venue. You have every right to make an informed decision. It is also important to talk to the catering staff and ask if they can make adjustments to their menu in order to accommodate you and your groom’s needs. If the staff is unwilling to do so or does not meet your standards, move on to a different venue. You should not settle for less in your catering, especially when there are so many talented caterers in the local area.

When considering your bay area wedding caterer, keep your criteria in mind. If the proper preparation of international foods is important to you, make sure that the caterer you are interviewing will meet your expectations. If you are of a religion with dietary laws, make sure that the caterer is aware and ask them if they will be able to accommodate you. You want your wedding day to be a special event, so be sure to get a caterer that you are both pleased with. This is your day so be sure to take advantage of the many talented and diverse wedding caterers that operate in the bay area.