Cabinet Refacing In Kitchen Remodeling: The Essentials You Need To Know

Cabinet refacing in kitchen modeling is one of the most common methods of giving your kitchen a mini makeover. However, before making a decision, there are essential things that you should know and consider before you remodel your kitchen such as your budget and your time.

Essentials that you must know

Cabinet refacing is a method of giving your kitchen cabinets a fresh style, but it retains the skeleton and the layout of your cabinets. Also, this process is not costly in comparison to removing your kitchen cabinets and replacing them with new ones.

The problem with complete removal of the kitchen cabinet is the cost. Moreover, you need to take into consideration your kitchen and its size as well as the type of cabinets that you are planning to buy. Also, ensure that you have the budget to finish the project. Besides knowing the size and what types of cabinets to buy, you can also consider other materials such as premium stains or woods. It could either be a cherry wood or a simple mahogany wood, but it might come with a substantial value.

Know the Benefits

Cabinet refacing in kitchen modeling is beneficial for the homeowners in so many ways. For one, you can save money, time and you can use your kitchen while the remodeling is being done. Also, during the makeover, you won’t have to deal with the dust and the mess. Another benefit that you can get to enjoy is the fast-paced process. It will not take a lot of time to do the steps.

The Process

•The steps of Cabinet refacing in kitchen modeling begins by removing the old parts of your cabinets such as the doors, drawer boxes, and the fronts.

•The next step centers on working with the cabinet’s surface so that you can determine if the cabinet is still in good condition and shape.

•You can then customize the cover of your cabinet frames by using new layers of veneer.

•Once that is done, you can install new parts such as the drawer fronts, hinges, doors, handles, and the guilders for your drawers.

•You can also get more by adding new features like new roll-out shelves and tilt trays.

Different Ways to Reface your Kitchen

There are different ways to reface your kitchen cabinets. You can reface them by painting the cabinets and the drawer fronts or you can purchase new materials. You can buy a veneer or install materials made of wood and spread it all over your old cabinets and drawer fronts to make it look new.

If you want to have a more practical solution to remodeling your kitchen, one grand way to do is through refacing because if you choose removal of the cabinets, it would cost you more and the process itself would take so much time. Contrary to complete removal, refacing is a less complex process and more economical.

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