5 Solid Reasons to Have a Popcorn Machine Present in Your Party

Serving popcorn in your upcoming get-together is a great way to make your celebration truly memorable, as it is rare to have such snack in parties. Well, serving popcorn in different events is becoming more and more popular these days, but the only drawback organizers think about is how to actually serve it. Most people like their popcorn freshly cooked, while others want them in different flavors-and some want them as is.

If you are thinking about serving popcorn in your party but are puzzled as to how to make it happen, then the best way to go is to have a popcorn machine present. It can be an investment, but this machine does the potential to make your party a success, and these reasons tell you how:

  1. Unlimited supply of popcorn!

When you have a popcorn machine on board, then you have all the capacity to supply your guests with popcorn throughout the duration of the party. They can get a serving anytime they want, and come back for more if they feel like doing so.

This is a very important aspect of parties-to give the guests an unlimited supply of food. You may have served them a plated meal, but with this snack present, they still have something to munch until the party is over.

  1. Popcorn is served at its best shape-fresh.

Nothing beats the taste of freshly cooked popcorn. You can taste its natural flavor immediately when still warm, and other flavorings, such as butter, salt, or sugar become more apparent when the popcorn is served fresh. This is also another plus factor for your guests, since the snack they get is freshly made, which isn’t the same when they get other finger foods in the buffet table.

It is also easier to add the flavors to your popcorn when it is still fresh; the flavors stick to the popcorn longer rather than when it has already cooled down.

  1. Popcorn is a favorite among kids.

If you have a popcorn machine present, it would be easier to accommodate kids in the party. This is mainly because they will be more likely to keep coming back to the popcorn stand each time they run out of something to eat. They will also find it entertaining to see how popcorn is cooked until they get a serving to munch.

  1. In essence, a popcorn machine gives your party an additional attraction.

Having a popcorn machine present in your party is in a way a form of attraction. It’s not every day that popcorn stands are set up in parties, thus this offers a fresher vibe to your event.  Your guests may start getting their serving of popcorn as they arrive, and get more throughout the party.

Managing your popcorn machine in the party

When you decide to bring in a popcorn machine to your celebration, you may either have this in the kitchen and bring servings of popcorn simultaneously during the event or set up a kiosk where your guests can ask for a serving or two. The latter proves to be more convenient, especially when you also intend to provide some eye candy in the fete.

You also have to assign a person to operate and hand out the popcorn servings to your guests, as you cannot take charge of this role when you happen to be party host. This person will be tasked to refill the popcorn machine and cook new servings, add the flavors, and hand them out to the guests.

Lastly, you may be thinking about whether to buy or rent a popcorn machine. Indeed, buying a machine can be quite an investment, so unless you have thought about serving popcorn in your succeeding events, then this would be a great purchase. However, if you are still testing how your guests will react to having a popcorn machine in the party, then renting one would be the more practical route.